Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day, 2016.

Father's Day, 2016. Best wishes to you, if you are a father and happen to be reading this, and hope that this Father's Day is as special to you as it is for me.

In a normal course of a Father's Day every year, the usual things happen: Phone calls to dad, visit dad, provide gifts to dad, Father's Day lunch or dinner, etc.

This particular Father's Day, 2016, is very special to me, however. Why?
In the intervening days since last year's Father's Day, 2015, which was one of the more usual ones, two important things have happened:
Vikram, presenting during Graduation Social
Our son graduated from GeorgiaTech with an MS in Biomedical Innovation and Development, in July 2015. (Since he fulfilled requirements in July, and the commencement is yearly in December, the department conducted a Graduation Social, and he got his diploma by mail).
Ramya, getting her MBA degree.

Our daughter graduated from UC Berkeley with a #haasome MBA in May 2016. This was a more traditional commencement.
It is of course true that the children worked hard to earn their respective graduate degrees.

But, my — i.e., a father's — pride as a result, though, knows no bounds.

Any parent would want nothing but health, happiness & wealth for the children, and I feel a very satisfactory Father's Day, 2016, in their accomplishments.

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