Saturday, March 05, 2016

Has the Republican Party Lost Its Moral Compass?

How come we see the spectacle of a broken Republican political party in the United States, day in and day out?

For several months now, we have seen Donald Trump make a mockery of democracy. It started with his public mistreatment of newscaster Megyn Kelly, and continues with his latest: Trump assures America ... he has normal-sized 'something else', with a lot of others in between. The fact that he has been able to get away with the abrasive -- read undemocratic -- behavior unbecoming of any civilized human being, let alone the President of the United States, is testament to the strength of US democracy: Tolerating a certain amount of undemocratic behavior.

Media, of course, finds the Trump's buffoonery valuable for the newsworthy exploitation that it affords. We cannot expect media to chide Donald Trump.

However, is that the kind of personality Americans want in The White House? Is that the kind of personality Republicans want in The White House? Is it acceptable to the Republicans to have anyone, really anyone, who claims Republican membership whether or not to he adheres to the Republican manifesto? Do the Republicans even have a manifesto? Did any Republican even talk to Donald Trump that it is unbecoming of a Republican to display the kind of public behavior he has shown so far1? Are the Republicans so desperate that anyone in the White House is fine as long as it is not a Democrat? Can the Republicans not think of country first, above their party2?

Where is Republicans' moral aplomb?

You can reflect on these questions before you vote in November.

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