Friday, March 15, 2013

A Journalistic Faux Pas, Internet style.

Journalists make every effort to report news and information correctly. However, once in a while, mistakes happen.

An example is today's on

The front page provides the title "Apple downgrades Tim Cook". You wonder why Apple downgraded Tim Cook. When you click on the link, however, you are taken to another web page where the title is "Apple employees downgrade Tim Cook".

Big difference.

Apple as a corporate entity is different from its constituent employees although, in many cases, the employees have a say in what Apple, the corporate entity, does or says.

In this particular case, it is a subset of Apple employees that subscribe to that have downgraded Tim Cook, and I quote:
Apple employees who reviewed their CEO on say they still like Tim Cook -- just less than they liked him last year.
I'll bet that most people would have clicked on the link based on the short title on's front page.

Is this responsible Internet journalism? Of generating more clicks to a page?

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