Friday, November 09, 2012

Who won in the 2013 US Presidential Election?

Of course, we all know that President Obama was reelected to the 2013 White house with a 303-206 majority in electoral votes last week. But, the real win is for two important constituencies:
  1. Education
  2. Economy (Middle class)
Education. The advent of China and India as potential economic forces in the world economy needs to be taken note of. The 21st century belongs to a properly educated workforce. Not merely in overall education emphasizing liberal arts, etc., but one that provides proper grounding in technology too. President Obama's passion towards this cause is unmistakable. Did you see such passion in the GOP camp?

Economy (The middle class). The backbone of any economy is a vibrant middle class. Particularly when the entire world is getting adjusted to a different 'economic center of gravity' than just the 'West', with both the US and the Western Europe in economic struggle, it takes some proactive
effort to strengthen the middle class than a mere 'hope' that a trickle down economics is sufficient. Such trickle down thinking is tantamount to a mistaken application of the dictum 'God will take care of you'. God will take care of you, provided you do your efforts. The 'you' we are talking about is any Government, and every Government must assess what is needed to be done and enable policies to make those thing happen (and no more). 

Didn't we all learn in our childhood that God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Let us hope that America has learnt its lesson and our political leaders will work in unison by removing the gridlock in Washington.

As Oscar award winner A R Rahman tweeted, after President Obama's reelection, Jai Ho:

Let there be victory to Education and the Economy.

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