Saturday, July 04, 2015

US Independence Day Celebration, 2015, Personal Style.

Independence Days of individual countries are celebrated with differing themes all the world over. Today, July 4, is US Independence Day.

Certain institutions take this opportunity to celebrate the day in their own unique way ...

Google Search Page Image, 4 July 2015
Take Google, for instance. Its highly spartan search page sports this following image for today: A July 4 picnic.

And, has compiled, in July 4th fireworks: 5 fun things to know, a collection of 31 photos that proclaims: "From American flag biker shorts to a stars-and-stripes onesie, these celebrities wear their patriotism on their sleeves as well as more surprising places. You could ring in the Fourth of July like these stars, but note that some of these looks are kind of like fireworks: best left to the pros."

BEKANT Desk sit/stand, black-brown, black
48" max height
Which brings me to my approach for Independence Day celebration this year. Granted, this is more personal than national in purpose: Bought a sit/stand desk to obtain independence from having to sit at a desk whenever I work with my computers.

For quite some time, I have been quite cognizant of the ill effects of sitting for long hours at a desk. See, for example, the Mayo Clinic article, What are the risks of sitting too much? Consider the following excerpts from the article:
Too much sitting also seems to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Rather, the solution seems to be less sitting and more moving overall. You might start by simply standing rather than sitting whenever you have the chance.
For example:
  • Stand while talking on the phone or eating lunch.
  • If you work at a desk for long periods of time, try a standing desk — or improvise with a high table or counter.
Me, at the standing desk
Now, you understand why I went for the standing desk solution. (Picture at left). Some independence from ... cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Don't you want a similar independence for yourself?

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