Friday, March 14, 2014

Minimalist Approach has Advantages.

When you move to a different town, as we did recently by moving to the Seattle area, an important realization hits you: You are indeed able to live in a minimalist manner, out of suitcases, so to speak. And, life is a lot simpler!

14 March 2014: Doodle for Google
Minimalist approach has other advantages.

Take the Google front page, for example. This simple front page has been the gateway for many people for their searches and for the diurnal goodies that Google itself leads you to: Today, it is about Doodle for Google, a scheme which invites young artists — Grades K-12 — to submit their doodles ...

The iPhone 5S.
Or, many of the Apple products.

Who would have thought that the iPod, iPhone and the iPad would take the world by storm? They have done so because of the simplicity inherent in them. Even though Android smartphones seem to have surpassed the iPhones in market share, there is still a certain aesthetic beauty about these iDevices.

The upshot? I now have an increased respect for minimalist anything.

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