Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On a Blogger's Meetup.

Blogging is an activity that has gotten well fostered, thanks to the web. I had an opportunity to participate in a meetup conducted by Bill Belew, for bloggers. In addition of course to Bill, I met bloggers who focused in a wide variety of interests:
  1. Different kinds of chocolates
  2. Writing about Writing
  3. What you sow, so you reap, a healthy approach to living
  4. IT Tutoring
  5. Individual Approach to Financial Management
  6. Promotion of English among Chinese
  7. Boomer Grandparents
  8. Raw Foods
  9. Fierce Planet, on Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters
  10. A new blogger who is focused on art
It is quite refreshing to see that blogging as an activity is not only very mainstream, but can be harnessed to generate some side income as well.

An interesting factoid: Nearly everyone else in the meetup used Wordpress; I was the only Blogger user.

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