Monday, November 29, 2004

"The China Price"

If you are a student of globalization of the economy, the December 6, 2004, issue of BusinessWeek is a must read in general and the cover story titled "The China Price", in particular.

Countless economists will prognosticate as to what might happen: What will happen to the overall U.S. economy? If even the so-called white collar jobs move out of the U.S., only service jobs will remain.

It'd seem that the proper way out of this global economic climate for any country is to leverage what can be accomplished elsewhere and build on it. The key word here is 'build'; build on what other nations can produce relatively inexpensively. In other words, be a valuable part of the global ecosystem. Ultimately, the value of any product or service is a function of how the product or service enhances the life of a human being, be it economically or in an aesthetic way.

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